Thank you Friends

Molu started out as a hobby in 2006 which turned out to be one of the highly liked search engines later.

During our long journey, we have seen some interesting developments together. Molu was consistently ranked among the top 100 search engines of the World.

We started the bots which are highly successful today.

As we all know, change is the need of time. So Molu also requires a transformation, some innovation and some new features. We are taking Molu off the air for sometime to provide you with a better search engine in the future. Please note that this does not mean that Molu is shutting down. Its just that Molu is getting a facelift and will come back again in style.

The search bots will continue to be online. Please use them as and when you like.

Thanks fir supporting us friends.


Himanshu Joshi


Molu – The Search Spider


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Molu launches two new bots

Molu is proud to launch two new GTalk/Jabber bots today. The bots are known as:


1. Molu Abbreviations Bot: This bot will be used to search for full forms of abbreviations. So in case you type ROFL in your GTalk/Jabber window, you should get all the possible full forms of the abbreviation. Add to use the service. The service uses API and is meant for non commercial use only.


2. Molu Short to Long URL Converter Bot: Many a times we encounter short URLs passed on to us for viewing. We are not sure what lies behind them. May be a spam website is waiting behind the URL. To help in this area, Molu has launched a short -> Long URL conversion bot. The input can be a short URL (with hundreds of short URL services supported) and the output will be the corresponding URL for the short one. Add to use the service. The service uses API and is meant for non-commercial use only.


Last but not the least, thanks Imified for the excellent platform.


Have a great year ahead.

Himanshu Joshi

Creator – Molu the Search Spider

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Molu launches a new GTalk/Jabber bot

I am pleased to announce tha launch of new GTalk/Jabber bot by the Molu. It is called

Just add it to your GTalk/Jabber friendlist and send any question to it. It should return an answer to it. The questions may be easy to moderately complex.

Example questions may be:
1. Why is the sky blue?
2. Which is the longest river?
3. Who was the president of USA in 1952?
or anything you may think of.

It can also answer ‘Yes’/’No’ type of questions. Examples may be:
1. Is Bill Clinton married?
2. Is Abraham Lincoln alive?
3. Is Kathmandu in Japan?
or anything you may think of.

Request you all to please try it and give me the feedback. If you like it, request you to please pass the word to as many people as possible.

Thanks for your help.

Himanshu Joshi

PS – Thank you ‘True Knowledge’ for the massive data.

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Molu featured in various blogs

This is great… Two big blogs have covered Molu recently and the comments havd been overwhelming: reviewed Molu: –

Thanks to all of you for featuring Molu on your blogs.


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Molu gets a facelift…

Dear friends,

The homescreen of Molu ( has been changed to show all the possible search options (except for Job Search) on the very first screen in a tab form.

User can select the category and sub-category (may be FlickR for images or Youtube for Videos) on the very first screen and directly search for the same.

This makes it more user friendly.


Himanshu Joshi

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Fixed a major bug

A major bug was causing users from adding new URLs to their saved searches. Fixed it.

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Molu now searches Eventful

Molu has found a new provider for searching events. It now searches Upcoming and Eventful.
Keep searching, we are in process of adding newer sources.

Himanshu Joshi

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Molu adds ISBNdb to the list of Book Search Engines

Molu is proud to add to its list of book search engines. We now proudly search Amazon and ISBNdb for books that interest you.

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Molu adds MSN Live News to its news sources

Molu now searches MSN Live for news… So in the past three days we have added 3 search options from MSN….

Thanks MSN for your wonderful data…

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Molu searches MSN images

Molu has added MSN image search to its functionality… This has enabled Molu to search for images in four sources –
1. Yahoo Image Search
2. FlickR
3. 23 HQ
4. MSN

Hope to add more sources soon.

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