Molu launches a new GTalk/Jabber bot

I am pleased to announce tha launch of new GTalk/Jabber bot by the Molu. It is called

Just add it to your GTalk/Jabber friendlist and send any question to it. It should return an answer to it. The questions may be easy to moderately complex.

Example questions may be:
1. Why is the sky blue?
2. Which is the longest river?
3. Who was the president of USA in 1952?
or anything you may think of.

It can also answer ‘Yes’/’No’ type of questions. Examples may be:
1. Is Bill Clinton married?
2. Is Abraham Lincoln alive?
3. Is Kathmandu in Japan?
or anything you may think of.

Request you all to please try it and give me the feedback. If you like it, request you to please pass the word to as many people as possible.

Thanks for your help.

Himanshu Joshi

PS – Thank you ‘True Knowledge’ for the massive data.

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  1. who is the botmaster?

  2. [I AM The Botmaster][P=NP Musatov]

  3. asure would have done to, say, …… But may Wallace Stevens’s wife’s ghost roast in Hell for burning all her …… I hope that, if Cyberspace is out, that Outer Space is still in, …

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